TI TLV320AIC3107Enabling CD-quality playback, Texas Instruments’ TLV320AIC3107 stereo audio codec integrates a stereo headphone amplifier and mono Class-D speaker amplifier capable of driving 1 W into an 8-O load. The 5-mm × 5-mm QFN-40-packaged unit uses a stereo 8-ksps to 96-ksps DAC with 97-dB SNR and an 8-ksps to 96-ksps ADC with 92-dB SNR. The component exhibits power consumption of 15 mW at 48 kHz with a 3.3-V analog supply. The device includes a passive analog switch, an integrated phase-locked loop (PLL), and multiple inputs and outputs programmable in single-ended or fully-differential configurations. Applications include cell phones, portable navigation devices, and portable media players. Pricing is $3.85 in 1,000 quantities.

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