Chroma 63600Delivering power of 100 W (dual), 300 W, and 400 W, Chroma ATE’s 63600 Series DC electronic loads can draw a typical rated current of 80 A under a voltage of 0.4 V. The instruments simulate dynamic loading applications with programmable load levels, slew rates, duration, and conducting voltage. The devices exhibit an audio frequency sweep of up to 50 kHz, allow up to 100 user-programmable sequences to be stored in the EEPROM and be recalled, and include a 16-bit measurement circuit with 3 current ranges to perform real-time measurement of voltage and current. The tools protect against OV, OC, OP, and OT, and can be controlled remotely via Ethernet, USB, or GPIB interface. The products test multi-output power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components.

Chroma ATE, Inc.