Tellurex plug-and-playTargeting enclosures, Tellurex Corporation’s four new models of plug-and-play cooling engines include matching temperature controllers for thermal management applications. The lineup consists of two air-to-air engines for cooling/heating enclosure air, rated at 22 W and 45 W, and two cold-plate models for direct contact cooling, rated at 30 W and 60 W. The instruments operate at 12 VDC in an ambient temperature range from -10°C to 70°C, and the only service that is said to be needed is cleaning the air filter on the fan. The devices come with two power supplies with connectors, as well as the Tellurex Z-Max thermoelectric module, Tellurex Z-Coat sealing for moisture protection; powder-coated frames, anodized-aluminum heat sinks, and stainless-steel fasteners.

Tellurex Corporation