MicroSpeed family of mezzanine-card connectorsAble to support data rates up to 10Gbit/s, blind-mate versions of ERNI Electronics’ MicroSpeed family of mezzanine-card connectors are designed to be used in multiples between two parallel cards without mating issues from negative tolerance stack up. Available in 50 signal contact modules with a 1.0-mm longitudinal and a 1.5-mm transverse pitch, the connectors have integrated guide pins with higher displacement tolerances to stop incorrect, forced connections. In addition, reinforced housing side walls absorb the larger forces that may result from virtual "blind mating" to prevent connector damage while providing a positive connection. The connectors come in 16 different stack heights or board-to-board heights from 5 mm to 20 mm in 1-mm increments. Optimized crosstalk behavior is achieved with a parallel configuration of the signal pairs (in the longitudinal direction) and the pairing arrangement of signal and shield contact pairs. From $4.00 per mated pair in volume.

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