Central CET3904EComing in a SMT SOT-883L TLP leadless package, Central Semiconductor’s CET3904E (NPN) and CET3906E (PNP) 40-V general-purpose transistors exhibit VCE(SAT) values of 0.100 V (max.) and 0.057 V (typ.) at 10 mA, and 0.2 V (max.) and 0.100 V (typ.) at 50 mA. The 1.050 mm × 0.650 mm × 0.400 mm components have a max. collector current of 200 mA, power dissipation of 250 mW, and RoHS compliance. The devices offer a SOT-923 case option rated at 100 mW, and are available in bulk or 8,000 pieces on tape and reel. Pricing for the latter starts at $0.062 each.

Central Semiconductor
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