Intersil ISL8500Employing an external Schottky diode, Intersil’s ISL8500 buck PWM regulator powers an internal-switching N-channel power MOSFET that generates an output voltage from 0.6 V to 19 V. The 4 mm × 3 mm 12-lead DFN-packaged component presents an input voltage of up to 24 V, output current of up to 2 A, a fixed switching frequency of 500 kHz, a simple voltage mode with integrated input voltage feed forward control. The unit exhibits overcurrent, undervoltage, and thermal overload protection; an externally-adjustable soft-start time, and PGOOD (Power OK) and Enable (EN) functions for output voltage monitoring and power sequencing. The regulator works in 5-V point-of-load applications, 12-V power supplies, and 24-V battery-powered systems, as well as telecom and datacom designs, test and measurement systems, industrial or instrumentation applications, set top boxes, and DSL modems. Pricing is $2.05 each in 1,000 quantities.

Intersil Corporation