Samsung 256 GBSamsung Electronics has developed what it asserts as the world’s fastest, 2.5", 256 GB multi-level cell (MLC) based solid state drive (SSD) using a SATA II interface. The 256 GB SSD is also said to be the thinnest drive with the largest capacity to be offered with a SATA II interface. With a sequential read speed of 200 MB/s and sequential write speed of 160 MB/s, this MLC-based 2.5" 256 GB SSD is presented as approximately 2.4 times faster than a typical HDD. The drive is 9.5 mm thick and measures 100.3 mm × 69.85 mm. Using the company’s controller technology, the MLC 256 GB SSD touts reliability equal to that of SLC SSDs, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of one million hours. Power consumption is 0.9 W in active mode. In addition, the drive’s data encryption process prevents data stored on the SSD from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, even after the SSD is removed from the PC.

Samsung Electronics