Seiko S-8209AConsuming 7 A current max, Seiko Instruments’ S-8209A and S-8209B Series battery protection ICs exhibits charge and discharge cell-balance functions in lithium-ion and lithium-polymer rechargeable battery packs. A voltage detection circuit enables overcharge detection and release voltages of up to 4.4 V at -25 mV and -50 mV accuracy, cell-balance detection and release voltages of up to 4.4 V at 25 mV and -50 mV accuracy, and overdischarge detection voltages from 2 V to 3 V at -50 mV accuracy and to 3.4 V at -100 mV accuracy. The SNT-8A- and 8-pin TSSOP-packaged components show control charging, discharging and cell-balance by CTLC and CTLD pins, as well as settable delay time by external capacitor for the output pin. The S-8209A Series has a Pch open drain output and the S-8209B has an Nch open drain output, and both operate from -40°C to 85°C. Pricing is $0.70 in 10,000 quantities.

Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.