Summit SMB339Performing in single-cell Li-Ion and Li-polymer powered systems, Summit Microelectronics’ SMB339 3rd-generation programmable battery charger IC shows compatibility with USB 2.0, USB on-the-go supplement, USB 1.0, IEEE1725, and Chinese USB charging specifications. The device offers charging current up to 750 mA from a 500 mA USB source, true universal USB and AC/DC battery charging, input range from 3.5 V to 6.2 V, and an operating temperature range of -30°C to 85°C. The The 2.3 mm × 2 mm, 20-ball, CSP-packaged product withstands continuous input over-voltage up to 16 V while protecting downstream circuitry over. The chip exhibits dual redundant protection for input/output current and voltage, chip and battery thermal protection, hardware and software safety timers, battery missing detection and status and fault registers. Applications include mobile phones, PDAs, portable media players, portable GPS navigation, portable game consoles, and digital cameras and camcorders.

Summit Microelectronics