PREMA PR4010Driving up to 10 LEDs of any color individually, PREMA Semiconductor’s PR4010 10-channel SSLD exhibits a current sink up to 10 mA for each of the 10 SSLD outputs. The SSOP-packaged component offers a serial interface with latched input and current variation between LED channels of <±5%, communication via a MCU, blank input and operation on supply voltages from 3 V to 5.5 V. Brightness set by an external resistor can be varied through a PWM signal at the “blank” input for ON/OFF control for channels independent of the serial interface. The SSLD drives dot matrix or LED segment displays, and can be cascaded and programmed via the serial interface to drive a 15 × 5 dot matrix display using 2 PR4010 SSLDs and 5 transistors.

PREMA Semiconductor GmbH