Vishay VPR220ZExhibiting 25°C ref., Vishay Intertechnology’s VPR220Z Z-Foil resistor provides an industrial-grade absolute TCR of ±0.050 ppm/°C from 0°C to 60°C and ±0.200 ppm/°C from -55°C to 125°C. The TO-220-packaged component presents a power rating up to 8 W at 25°C per MIL-PRF-39009 (1.500 W in free air), power coefficient ("?R due to self heating") of ±5 ppm at rated power and tolerance of ±0.01%. The resistor has a load-life stability of ±0.005% (50 ppm) for 2,000 hours at 25°C, voltage coefficient of <0.100 ppm/V, current noise of <-42 dB and thermal EMF of 0.050 µV/°C. The product comes with a 4-Kelvin connection, a <0.080 µH design and ESD immunity exceeding 25 kV in a resistance range from 5 O to 10 kO. Applications include DC/DC converters, precision current sensing, feedback circuits and precision amplifiers in test and measurement instrumentation, medical systems, satellites and aerospace systems, commercial and military avionics, and weapons systems. Pricing starts at $7.

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.