Cinch NX+Meeting SFF-8470/8473 requirements, Meritec and Cinch Connectors' NX+ PCB SMT multilane receptacle connector maintains 20 Gbps per lane performance (80 Gbps for entire 4x connector). The IEEE-802.3ap KR-specified product shows backward compatibility with the Ethernet IEEE-802.3ak CX-4 specification, and SFF-8470 cable assemblies and its mechanical mating interfaces. The connector performs in link aggregation or backbone cable assemblies and multi-legged fan-out cable assemblies using CAT-6a and CAT-7a STP cable types with RJ-45 or ARJ-45 connectors. The dual-sourced device offers <2% total crosstalk throughout the connector/cabling interconnect, and support in DDR 5G and QDR 10G per lane specifications. Applications and implementations including SAS-2, SATA-2, RapidIO, Aurora, RocketIO, Myrinet, PCI-Express, HyperTransport, XAUI, and OIF-CEI copper ports.

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