push-pull plug connectorThe VARIOSUB Push-Pull plug connector system from Phoenix Contact has a plug-and-play positive locking system to provide IP67 protection.  Designed for Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET applications, the connector family enables transmission of data and power signals directly to local devices. The Push-Pull is available in three versions:  RJ45 for copper data transmission; SCRJ for fiber-optics data transmission; and COMBICON device connection technology for power transmission. The RJ45 and SCRJ contact inserts can be assembled in the field to ensure compatibility with control cabinet solutions. The universal system allows data transmission in copper or fiber optic-based technology for all fiber types, provided they have the same external dimensions. The five-position power connector uses COMBICON device connection technology to power the device via two 24V circuits. The connectors can be operated with one hand and the connection types are available in metal and plastic.  

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