single channel MSPS ADCs Presented as having the highest signal-to-noise (SNR) of any similar device, Texas Instruments’ ADS556 family of 16-bit, single-channel MSPS ADCs provide an SNR as high as 80 MSPS (depending on model). Targeting test and measurement, wireless communications, and image applications in medical, industrial, and military, the devices offer from 84.0 to 84.3 dBFS while consuming from 528.0 to 693.0 mW of analog power.  The devices offer a low-frequency noise suppression mode to eliminate the 1/f (flicker) noise that improves SNR by up to 4.2 dB over a 1-MHz band in baseband and time-domain applications, programmable gain from 0 dB to 6.0 dB for input signals of 2.0 Vpp, and parallel CMOS or fully-differential DDR LVDS outputs for up to 2.0 dB additional performance.  Pricing ranges from $35.00-$48.33.

Texas Instruments