auto-zero op ampsMicrochip Technology introduced its HTUMCP6V01/2/3UTH (MCP6V0X) auto-zero operational amplifiers (op amps) featuring a self-correcting architecture that enables ultra high precision, with an input offset voltage of 2 µV maximum. They also feature high common-mode rejection, rail-to-rail input/output and low quiescent current; making them appropriate for portable, battery-powered instrumentation devices, such as those used in the industrial and medical markets. With their low operating-voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V and low typical quiescent current of 300 µA, the MCP6V0X op amps can run off two 1.5V cells with full battery use. The devices’ self-correcting architecture is said to result in fewer errors, especially at higher gains. Additionally, their rail-to-rail input/output structure enables greater dynamic range. The MCP6V0X family is supported by the FilterLab Analog Filtering Software Tool and the Mindi Online Simulator Tool. 

Microchip Technology