UPC studioPacific Power Source announced Version 1.3 of its UPC Studio Software. This tool gains desirable control of UPC-equipped AC Power Sources, and this version incorporates a new and unique Test Manager feature. Test Manager helps the user create and run test sequences and test plans. Test sequences consist of one or more output sequences designed to execute a series of automated tasks that control and monitor the AC power source and other instruments. Test results are then stored in user-defined test reports. Test plans manage and simplify complex tasks by allowing the user to link together a series of Test Sequences into a single test. The software includes safeguards to protect the equipment under test (EUT) and guides the user into entering values appropriate for the power source. In addition to controlling the AC Power Source and monitoring the output, UPC Studio can be used to generate and view “offline” simulation files. This detailed view provides the ability to observe the steady-state waveform and programmed transient before power is applied to the EUT. With Test Manager, the user can automate instrument compliance testing and certification as well as obtain pre-configured test sequences and test plans from Pacific Power Source. Typical Test Sequences include DO-160 and MIL-STD-704 for avionics compliance testing. UPC Studio including UPC Control and UPC Manager with Output Sequence Browser is free to customers with registration. Test Manager is currently $1,750, with factory-written test sequences starting at $500.

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