PEX 86xxTargeting high-performance control plane applications, the PLX ExpressLane PCIe Gen 2 control plane switch family includes the PEX 8618 (16 lanes, 16 ports), PEX 8614 (12 lanes, 12 ports) and PEX 8608 (eight lanes, eight ports) to address key configurations specified by leading telecommunications and networking designers. Features include flexible port configurations (x1, x2, x4, x8), power requirements as low as 1.1W, a latency of <140 ns, spread-spectrum clock isolation supporting dual-clock domains, and two virtual channels per port. Provided in packaging as small as 15 mm², the switches are fully backward-compatible with the PCIe Gen 1 (2.5Mb/s) standard and offer "Read Pacing" intelligent bandwidth allocation, "Dual Cast" (simultaneously sending data to two ports) and Dynamic Buffer Allocation (increased throughput by absorbing dynamic increments). Volume quantity pricing is $12 for the PEX 8608, $19 for the PEX 8614 and $24 for the PEX 8618.

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