IEPC VBCCombining solid-state electronics with on-site, remote, and aggregate Web-based controls, the IEPC Vari-Ballast Control provides dynamic real time lighting/energy control for HID, Incandescent, Fluorescent, CCFL, and LED lighting, enabling remote mixed-system whole-building lighting control indoors and out. The device includes a user-modifiable program which monitors lumen depreciation, light output, task profiles, task zones, and daylight harvesting, with customizable reports using a totally-adjustable real-time user interface. For example, a big-box retail chain can monitor individual stores, or all store locations in real time, and lower light energy consumption by dimming various lights at all selected stores from a single laptop computer. The VBC system replaces timers, relays, control panels, and the intensive wiring required to connect each lighting fixture to all other external parts as well as the control panel, with dimming and timing controls with thermal monitoring and on-board, real-time diagnostics to indicate replacement time for re-lamping.

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