LTC2755-16 quad 16-bit DACOffering six software-programmable output ranges, the LTC2755-16 quad 16-bit current output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) from Linear Technology provides 16-bit linearity (±1LSB (max) INL and DNL) over the industrial temperature range without any adjustment. Each DAC output can be individually programmed through a parallel interface or can be pin-strapped for operation within a single range. A current output DAC allows end-users to customize their output amplifiers for optimal performance, depending on the requirements for better DC or AC specifications, lower noise, or higher speed. The device can output six unique software-programmable unipolar and bipolar output ranges up to ±10V. The LTC2755-16 uses a bidirectional input/output parallel interface that allows readback of any internal register, as well as the DAC output span setting.

Linear Technology