simulation software DO178BThe MathWorks announced that its Simulink verification and validation software automatically evaluates and verifies system models for compliance with DO-178B and IEC-61508 standards and MAAB modeling guidelines, which have been extensively adopted by international aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment markets, among others. The model-checking features for these  standards extend the existing support available within Simulink Verification and Validation for customer-developed modeling guidelines. As embedded system designs grow more complex, with models expanding to tens of thousands of blocks, engineering organizations have used modeling guidelines as a best practice to improve readability, increase maintainability, and encourage reuse, while guarding against modeling errors. Typically, modeling guidelines are verified through visual inspection of models and related documentation during design reviews. Simulink verification and validation captures internal guidelines and automatically checks an organization's models. This software includes modeling-standards checks for DO-178B, IEC-61508, and MAAB modeling standards that are applied by its Model Advisor feature. The Model Advisor also checks for other attributes such as model consistency and code-generation compatibility. In addition, engineers can use the customization application programming interface (API) in to develop their own modeling checks, using familiar MATLAB scripts, and register them with Model Advisor for automatic execution.

The MathWorks