DR Positioning StageProviding a load capability of up to 200 kg, a continuous force as high as 1978 N (5933 N peak), a velocity of up to  25 m/sec, and acceleration of up to 9 G’s, the dual-profile rail linear motor-driven linear positioning stage from H2W Technologies has a resolution as fine as 1 µm. Well-suited for use as the base or “X” axis in stacked multi-stage applications such as inspection, pick-and-place, and robotics, the stage features non-contact, 3-phase brushless linear motors commutated either sinusoidally or trapezoidally with Hall-effect sensors. Options include matching servo amplifiers and controllers and a non-contact glass or metal scale optical encoder or magnetic linear encoders with reference mark for homing. Typical encoder output is A and B square wave, however sinusoidal output is available. 

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