The IM3220-BA10 MCU and the single board reference module from Imsys helps enable telecom, ITU G.8261, compliance. Designed and optimized for embedded applications, the IM3220 combines the features of traditional CISC architectures and efficient use of resources with FPGA flexibility for a predefined application – time synchronization. It is said to reduce the cost of the external (local) oscillator when high precision time is communicated by the IEEE 1588 protocol. The IM3220 is able to analyze and act on gate level in real-time, and the MCU supports two 10/100 Ethernet ports, three UARTs with 920 kbit/s, I2C or SPI port, and eight DMA channels with a sustained 83 MB/s throughput. The company’s complete offering includes RTOS, TCP/IP-stack, fail-safe flash file system, and an IEEE 1588 protocol stack. With the development system, the user can concentrate on the application without worrying about software integration problems. The IM3220-BA10 MCU is priced at $16.58 in quantity of 10k; the IM3220-M210 module with 32 MB DRAM, 8 MB flash and clock circuitry is available at a price of $98.00 in quantity of 1k; and the IM3220 is supported by Imsys development kit DK3-3220.

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