Laser Diodes With 830 nm WavelengthPhotonic Products introduced two high power, infrared wavelength GaAlaS laser diodes from Opnext, Inc. The HL8337MG and the HL8338MG are suitable light sources for industrial and medical sensor applications and as a light source for various other types of optical equipment such as distance meters, barcode scanners and high resolution CTP. The HL8337MG and the HL8338MG have a lasing wavelength of 830 nm typ and a high optical output power of 50 mW CW, a multi-quantum well structure, a package size of 5.6 mm and a built-in photodiode for monitoring laser output which allows for easier control of the auto power circuit. An added feature of these laser diodes is the low operating current of 75mA, which is said to be the lowest driving current on the market for infrared applications. According to the company, these laser diodes enable the power consumption to be lowered without sacrificing any optical output power, resulting in greater energy efficiency and extended battery lifetime. The single longitudinal mode laser diodes have a low threshold current of 20 mA typ., low operating voltage of 1.9V typ., monitoring output current of 0.25 mA, laser reverse voltage of 2V, and PD reverse voltage of 30V at an infrared wavelength of 830 nm. The operating temperature range is -10°C to +60°C.

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