The ZXTP25020CFF and ZXTP19020DFF low voltage PNP transistors in standard SOT23 footprintsZetex Semiconductors has added a pair of low voltage PNP transistors to its line of low saturation, high current SOT23FF devices. The ZXTP25020CFF and ZXTP19020DFF combine standard SOT23 footprints with a reduced off-board height of less than 1 mm. The devices reduce component counts, increase power density and serve as cost-effective switchers in a variety of slim-line portable applications, including linear charging and high-side load switching circuits. The SOT23FF package improves thermal resistance up to 158°C/W, providing a power rating of 0.8W from a 15 mm × 15 mm PCB area. It reduces PCB area requirements by up to 50 percent when compared to P-channel MOSFETs of a similar footprint, which, due to their inherent drain-source body diode, require a series-connected Schottky diode. It eliminates this Schottky requirement by guaranteeing a reverse blocking capability of 7V. In high-side switching and load or disconnect switches, the IC reduces the voltage drop to just 70 mV at 1A with a 20 mA base drive, or 160 mV at 2A with a 40 mA base drive. These drops can be extrapolated to an equivalent resistance of 70 m? in a 2.5 mm × 3 mm PCB footprint. Available now from authorised distributors, model ZXTP25020CFF is unit priced at $0.17 at 10,000 quantity, and model ZXTP19020DFF is unit priced at $0.21 at 10,000 quantity. Delivery is 4-6 weeks in production volumes.
Zetex Semiconductors

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