ec7nem805a-LAPEM Components, Inc. introduced its 12000X778 Series of professional grade toggle switches for use in military, aerospace and industrial applications. The toggle switches are QPL certified to MIL-DTL-3950G under M3950/15, M3950/16 and M3950/17, covering two-, three- and four-pole configurations. They feature a double shell case for optimal mechanical strength and electrical insulation, and a pinned lever for added strength and to ensure a strong electrical ground to the bushing. A front panel sealing meets IP67 specifications. Electrical contacts are made from gold plated, solid silver alloy rivets. The switches are suited for both low level applications (10 mA 50 mV) and power applications (2A 250V AC to 4A 125V AC) with an electrical life of 20,000 to 150,000 cycles.

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