High_Dielectric_Relays_CIT_LCIT Relay & Switch announced its J115 Series relay. This relay is offered in three versions: PC termination, combination PC and QC for contacts, and panel mount style QC for both coil and contacts. It exceeds industry UL standards – incorporating as standard 40A contacts, 240V AC, 30A @ 277V AC, and Class F insulation. All versions are available with contact arrangements of SPST N.O, SPST N.C., or SPDT. Options include standard 0.9W or reduced power consumption 0.6W coil and meet UL873 and UL508 spacing requirements. The series offers optional dielectric strength coil to contact of 400V rms. All three styles offer heavy contact load, strong shock and vibration resistance, and numerous coil voltage choices ranging from 3V DC to 110V DC; 12V AC to 277V AC. The entire offering is immersion cleanable with cover. Other options include low profile and no cover versions. Standard, RoHS environmentally friendly (no cadmium) contacts are AgSnO2 or AgSnO2In2O3 as an option for high in-rush current applications. A high dielectric option to 4000 vrms coil to contact is also offered. Applications include computer and computer peripherals, telecommunications, security, test equipment, instrumentation, RV, medical applications, air conditioners, automotive, heating and ventilation, home appliance, motor control, and other industrial applications. Volume pricing ranges from $0.89, dependent upon coil and contact configuration.
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