Omron_G7Z_WEB.jpgOmron Electronic Components LLC introduced the G7Z power relay that provides up to 40A switching capacity per pole on the N.O. Contact.  The resistive load rating is 40A @ 440V AC for N.O. contact and 25A @ 440V AC for N.C. contact. It has an inductive load rating of 22A @ 440V AC on the N.O. contact (Power factor = 0.3). The relay comes in 2-FormA+2-FormB, 3-FormA+1-FormB, and 4-FormA pole configurations.  The 4-FormA version has a maximum current carrying capacity of 160A when each N.O. Contact is wired in parallel. It also has an auxiliary contact block with mirror contacts.  The form types of the auxiliary contact block are 2-FormA, 1-FormA+1-FormB, and 2-FormB.  When using the relay with a Form B mirror contact, the user can achieve a 2.5kV Impulse Withstand Voltage or maintain a gap of 0.5mm when the coil is de-energized, even if one or more of the main N.O. Contacts are welded.  This makes a G7Z Relay with a 1-FormA+1-FormB or a 2-FormB auxiliary contact block ideal for output control in a safety circuit, as it meets the requirements of EN60947-4-1. The device is well suited for inverter, solar/fuel battery, and Uninterruptible Power Supply applications. The physical size is 62 mm x 45 mm x 84 mm, and its power consumption is 3.75W.  The electrical Life is 80k operations for an AC resistive load of 40A @ 440VAC (N.O. Contact), or 100k operations if switching a DC resistive load of 5A @ 110 VDC (N.O. contact). Price for single piece quantity is $71, and delivery is approximately 8-10 weeks
Omron Electronic Components LLC