Entirely Modularized Brite XLED Modules American Bright - Le_arrows.jpg American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation announced its Brite-XLED modules that boast an efficient low power approach to SSL design. The system is entirely modularized, allowing system designers the ability to choose the appropriate number of LEDs per module or the total aggregate number of modules and their geometric layout to achieve desired luminaire output. The modules can be specified to include one to eight LEDs depending upon required intensity. To allow for further customization per application, a wide range of color temperature (CCT) values is also available.  The Brite-4 module boasts an output of 60 lumens, while the Brite-6 and the Brite-8 emit 90 lumens and 120 lumens, respectively. Each module can be ordered in lighting industry standard color temperatures for white, or in a wide range of colors for architectural, thematic and decorative applications.

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