Melexis_MLX90283_WEB.jpgMelexis announced the MLX90283 is single phase brushless vibration motor driver IC which allows increased battery life and delivers strong and clearly detected vibrations. The device integrates hall-effect sensor, digital and power driver circuitry into a low profile Ultra-thin QFN package and introduces the new proprietary ‘Active Start’ design to improve single phase vibration motor start-up reliability. The 1.8V to 3.6V operating voltage range perfectly suits battery-powered applications. It detects a locked state within 110ms (typical) by sensing the rotor magnetic field. Once this detection period has elapsed, the device enters in ‘Active Start’ and applies a 55Hz frequency (typical) to the motor coil. This electrical oscillation is converted into mechanical shaking, producing swift movement of the rotor in forward and reverse direction. Single-phase vibration motors are generally optimized for one rotational direction. Reverse rotation decreases speed and raise current consumption. The package measures 3 mm2 (1.5 mm x 2 mm) with 0.43 mm maximum thickness. It is priced at $0.325 in 5k quantities.