US Digital_MD2S_WEB.jpgThe MD2S from US Digital is a universal programmable microstepping stepper motor driver capable of driving size 17 to 42 stepper motors. DIP switches allow for the selection of 29 microstep resolutions from 5 to 256 microsteps per step. Motor currents are selectable from 0.5A to 7.0A per winding in 0.5 Amp increments. An L-option, low current version, is available with selectable current output from 0.20 to 3.6 Amps per winding in 0.05 Amp increments. It is powered by a single supply voltage from +16V DC to +50V DC. The device is available in two versions: MD2S-P which is a conventional Step and Direction input stepper motor drive and MD2S-D which is a Digital Speed Control Version. The MD2S-P conventional step and direction version has a 2 MHz maximum step input rate along with a 50 percent auto zero-speed current reduction option. The MD2S-D digital speed control version provides simple stop/go speed control with ramp up and down. The drive has 8 selectable slow and high speed velocity choices along with a selectable fast or slow acceleration. The drive’s velocities and accelerations may also be factory customized to fit a specific application.
US Digital

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