ec7o803a-LWAGO Corporation announces its Luminaire Disconnects Series 873, the LUMI-NUTS, that are members of the WALL-NUTS push-wire family of terminals. They meet NEC 410.73(G), CEC 30-308(4) and the CSA/UL Standard 2459 for insulated multi-pole splicing wire connectors for those servicing non-residential linear fluorescent fixtures with ballasts. Features include the ability to daisy-chain power from one ballast to another, eliminating additional connectors. An integral locking latch prevents accidental disconnection of the mating halves while a touch-proof design (whether in the mated or unmated position) eliminates the need to disconnect power in order to service the luminaire. The compact design reduces the amount of space needed while allowing it to be fed through a ½¨ knockout.
WAGO Corp.