ec7oic306aAllegro announced a series of Darlington transistors for audio amplifiers. With a high safe operating area, (SOA) and low thermal resistance derived from a new thinner-die technology, the STD Series achieves high power performance in a common small package, the TO-3P. This series of parts is targeted at the home and professional audio amplifier markets. Allegro’s STD01N/P and STD02N/P transistors provide a built-in thermal compensation diode on the same die, which eliminates any delay for thermal compensation operation and any delay between thermal sensing at the heat source and response at the compensation area. These devices achieve higher power levels through decreased thermal resistance, and can withstand higher voltages than similar devices on the market. Overall, these transistors are suited for applications where enhanced thermal stability is required. The STD01N/P and STD02N/P transistors are priced at $1.50 and $1.70 respectively in quantities of 1,000.
Allegro Microsystems