ec7oic311aVishay Intertechnology announced what are said to be the industry’s first power MOSFETs with on-resistance ratings at a 1.2V gate-to-source voltage in portable electronic systems. The devices bring the MOSFET turn-on voltage into alignment with the 1.2V to 1.3V operating voltages of digital ICs used in mobile electronics, enabling safer and more reliable designs. The TrenchFETs eliminate the need for an extra conversion stage in battery-operated systems with a core voltage lower than 1.8V. They offer guaranteed n-channel on-resistance as low as 0.041ohm and p-channel on-resistance as low as 0.095ohm at a 1.2V gate drive. On-resistance performance at a 1.5V gate drive is better than in devices for which 1.5V is the lowest gate-to-source specification: as low as 0.022 (n-channel) and 0.058 (p-channel). In addition to saving on battery power with their low on-resistance, the new devices will save on space with package dimensions as small as 1.5 mm × 1.5 mm. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $0.15 each in 100,000-piece quantities.

Vishay Intertechnology