ec7oic304aMicrosemi announced a new series of high speed IGBT transistors for welding, low to mid-power solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies and industrial switch mode power supply applications. Designated the Thunderbolt HS IGBT Series, the IGBTs are the company’s next generation of NPT technology targeting high switching frequency applications. These devices exhibit higher saturation voltage and significantly lower turn-off energy losses than previous generations. Low switching losses enable operation at switching frequencies over 100 kHz, approaching power MOSFET performance but at lower cost. These IGBTs are available as single devices or packaged with a DQ Series fast, soft recovery diode. Other features include tight parameter distributions and easy paralleling, 10 µS short circuit rating, low Emi, high noise immunity and high reliability. The IGBTs are also available with a DQ Series Combi diode. Rated at 600V and 2.8V typical VCE(on), these IGBTs are available in 20A, 30A and 50A versions.