Honeywell_HIH4030_WEB.jpgHoneywell introduced its HIH-4030 and HIH-4031 Series Humidity Sensors with surface mount capability. An addition to the HIH series of humidity sensors, the 4030/31 series is available in tape and reel packaging for use in high-volume, automated pick-and-place manufacturing at a competitive price. It features near-linear output to provide instrumentation-quality sensor performance in a low-profile package with a low current draw. Both the HIH-4030 and the HIH-4031 are covered; the HIH-4031 is condensation-resistant and features a hydrophobic filter which provides resistance to common contaminants including dirt, dust, oils and common environment chemicals. Potential applications include residential and commercial environmental controls, medical equipment, dehumidifiers, metrology, industrial refrigeration and industrial-grade printers and copiers, high-end dryers and transportation.

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