Aitech-A-1465_WEB.jpgAitech Defense Systems, Inc. announced an environmentally sealed, 2-slot 3U CompactPCI enclosure that provides desirable flexibility and performance. In addition to its rugged environmental properties, the compact and lightweight E192 incorporates a modular and removable power supply, making the enclosure suitable for harsh mechanical, climactic, chemical and electrical stresses typically encountered in rigorous embedded applications. The enclosure houses standard ANSI/IEEE 30.1-2002 conduction-cooled 3U Compact PCI and PMC modules. The chassis’ baseplate is also conduction cooled, allowing dissipation of over 50W at 71°C (160°F), while maintaining a maximum 14°C (25.2°F) difference at the card edge. The enclosure features a 28V DC power input per MIL-STD-704 with an EMI/EMC-compliant power input filter, as well as a backplane I/O transition module to easily support customized front panels designed for circular MIL-C-38999 or other connectors, increasing user flexibility.  Pricing starts at $9,995.  Delivery is from stock, or with moderate customization, to 20 weeks ARO.
Aitech Defense Systems, Inc