OKW introduced a new belt/wall clip accessory for its SOFT-CASE Series which allows the enclosures to be worn on a belt and then stored on a wall, or in a cabinet, after use. With this new accessory part, the enclosures can be used for mobile electronics that are worn by a series of users and then returned to a store area after a given period, for example data logging, inventory management, medical and wellness devices and guided tour systems. The belt/wall clip kit consists of three molded parts: the belt clip and mounting boss which are fitted to the enclosure, and the wall holder. The clip can slide out for access to the battery compartment. The enclosure must be drilled with two 0.16"diameter holes to fit the mounting boss. The belt clip is designed to slide into the wall holder, which can de easily mounted to a wall or inside a cabinet. The belt/wall clip accessory is moulded in off-white, lava gray and black ABS, and it can be fitted to any other plastic enclosure with a minimum wall thickness of 4 mm. The SOFT-CASE Series is available in three standard sizes from 3.23" × 2" × 0.55" to 4.61" × 2.87" × 0.94". A raised panel on the long edge of the base part is provided for USB, power or serial connectors and controls. Prices start at $8.

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