ecpc7o801aSpectrum Control, Inc. offers COTS single line feed-thru EMI filters that are commercially equivalent to M15733-PRF/72, M15733-PRF/73 and M15733-PRF/74. These filters meet all requirements of the QPL, and they are UL and Semko approved. They are offered in both AC and DC models with customizing options available, and they are suitable for the military and aerospace industries. The series filters up to 500A with an attenuation of 4 dB to 90 dB from 1 Mhz to 1 GHz with voltage ratings of 130V DC and 250V AC. The DC models have C and Pi configurations with Class Y4 capacitors, and the AC models have C and Pi configurations with Class Y2 capacitors. Both the AC and DC series have a bolt-in style with a D-shaped bushing.
Spectrum Control, Inc.