GORE_Cooling_Filter_WEB.jpgW. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., announced an addition to its line of telecommunications products for improving system reliability. The Gore Cooling Filters use ambient air to cool electronic components in outdoor enclosures and Gore’s membrane technology to protect sensitive electronics from extreme environments where they may encounter corrosive particles, sand, or salty environments. Direct Air Cooling (DAC) systems with Gore Cooling Filters have fewer mechanical parts. They reduce ongoing operating costs because they use less energy than mechanical systems, reduce overall cabinet size saving site rental costs, and significantly improve Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). This microporous membrane allows cool, clean air to flow into the cabinet while screening out harmful contaminants and has a 99.0 percent particle filtration efficiency at the 0.3 µm level (1cm/sec). They incorporate Gore Series 3000 filtration media into a rigid anodized aluminium frame, providing reliable protection. These cabinets pass IP55 and NEMA 3R requirements. The cooling filters can be customized to fit small to large base station units for mobile communication that cover a wide range of wireless infrastructure such GSM, UMTS, WiMAX and LTE. They are also appropriate for wirelined cabinets such as ADSL and power enclosure applications.
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