EPCOS compact AL EL caps_WEB.jpgEPCOS announced B43305 and B43508 series snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The B43305 series covers the capacitance range from 68 µF to 3300 µF and is available for voltages between 200V and 450V.  It has an operating life of 2000 hours at a temperature of 85°C. The product’s dimensions of between 22 mm × 5 mm and 35 mm × 55 mm puts EPCOS among the best-in-class manufacturers. The B43508 series covers the capacitance range from 82 µF to 2700 µF at voltages between 200V and 450V. The product is designed for temperatures of 105°C and then attains an operating life of 3000 hours.  The 1000 µF / 400V type stands out in the 22 × 25 mm to 35 × 55 mm range and is considered a benchmark in this class. Delivery is available from stock at pricing of $0.75 in 10K quantity, depending on type.
800-888-7729, www.epcos.com