ec78ic316aVativ Technologies announced the sample availability of its VTV2313 supporting the new features introduced in the HDMI 1.3a specification. In addition to being pin-compatible with the company’s first-generation three-input HDMI receiver (VTV2310), the VTV2313 supports xvYCC and up to 36-bit Deep Color at 1,080p and UXGA resolutions. Maximum bandwidth supported by the receiver is 6.75 Gbps at 225 MHz. Used primarily in high-definition TVs and displays, Vativ’s integrated three-input, single-output receivers eliminate unneeded switches, repeaters and equalizers inside the TV. The VTV2313’s 15 mm × 15 mm BGA package also occupies the least possible board space while delivering the highest available performance in the industry, according to the company. In addition, the company’s proprietary real-time equalization technology enables almost instantaneous on-time signal recovery with any cable. The VTV2313’s highly programmable I/O interfaces allow seamless connectivity with any video processor or Digital TV (DTV) System-on-Chip (SoC) solution.

Vativ Technologies