Stewart_SS-51-3_WEB.jpgStewart Connector released the SS-51 series of punch down blocks engineered to allow the field termination of insulated AWG 22-26 solid copper wire in Category 6a as well as in Category 7 applications in which wires are individually shielded. The RoHS-compliant parts employ Insulation Displacement Contact technology, they allow for rapid mass termination of multiple wires in state-of-the industry telecom and datacom systems. The blocks boast a notched-head design to secure the wires in the plastic housing prior to termination to ensure a mechanically stable connection between the conductor, and terminating contact. The unique design of the series allows for staggered pair-to-pair arrangements in multi-port designs to reduce alien crosstalk in CAT6a applications. Punch down blocks can be terminated with industry-standard punch down tools. The blocks can be used to terminate category 6a and category 7 cables in premise wiring systems and 10GBASE-T (10 Gigabit Ethernet over twisted-pair copper cabling) applications. It is most commonly employed in telephone and network wall sockets, patch panels, and distribution frames.  Provided in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pair configurations, the punch down blocks are offered pre-printed with TIA 586A/B color-coding, and with the option to match custom colors to wires.  The IDC connectors are manufactured of UL94V-0 thermoplastic, with tin-plated, copper contacts. Pricing starts at $0.33 each in quantities of 5,000 for the CAT 6a version.  While delivery is 4 weeks, 4-pair samples are available from stock. 
Stewart Connector

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