ec78ic309aThe PPS Gen 2 is an addition to IDT’s wireless infrastructure line and the newest member of the company’s Serial RapidIO-enabled pre-processing switch (PPS) family, which addresses the interconnect and acceleration needs of 3G and beyond. The PPS Gen 2 optimally distributes data to the DSP cluster to prevent bottlenecks, and it performs end-point functions -- such as lower-level data manipulation -- freeing the DSP to support higher value-added services and differentiating algorithms. It also frees FPGA gates to be used to implement further differentiating functionality, or enable the use of a smaller, lower-cost FPGA. Optimized to support four pre-processing blocks, the PPS Gen 2 can be configured to as three 4x ports or up to twelve 1x ports, with flexibility to connect between 4x and 1x ports. Each port can be configured for 3.125 Gbaud, 2.5 Gbaud, or 1.25 Gbaud.