ec79ic308a-LCML Microcircuits’ CMX990 is an advanced single-chip RF transceiver with integrated GMSK data modem, which is targeted at global narrowband M2M (machine to machine) products. This half-duplex IC offers a baseband modem, IF and RF processing functions, programmable synthesisers, signal-level setting functions and comprehensive on-chip and peripheral control, monitoring and interfacing. The CMX990 offers a data range of 4 to 16 kb/s with selectable BT values, at RF frequencies of 400 MHz to 1 GHz. It is configurable to both freeformat and packet data schemes and can be set to comply with EN 300 113 and FCC CFR 47 Part 90 standards. This makes the VQFN chip suitable for new generation wireless modems, particularly those deployed in compact M2M data devices, such as automatic meter readers. In freeformat or packet-data operations, the CMX990 employs simple task-command configuration to provide simplicity and efficiency in the control and operation of the modem. FEC, CRC, data scrambling and interleaving functions are available. Automatic Rx clock extraction and signal level measurement and compensation allow the CMX990 modem to operate in all signal conditions. Working with external VCO input, the two programmable on-chip synthesisers provide all the frequencies necessary for wireless data operation. Addressable on-chip auxiliary DACs and ADCs are available for control and monitoring of a wide range of external functions, including system levels and the VCO loops, with separate dedicated functions for RF PA stage and TCXO control. The price is $10.83 (US).

CML Microcircuits