ec79em902a-LElmo Motion Control introduced three miniature servo drives that support up to 2,400W. The new Whistle servo drives achieve high power density coupled with SimplIQ intelligence and are available in the following additional models: WHI-15/60 (15A, 60VDC), WHI-10/100 (10A, 100V), WHI-15/100 (15A, 100V). By integrating the company’s FASST (Fast And Soft Switching Technology) power management technology with thermal management technology, the miniature Whistle exhibits a power density of 35 W/cm3. These technologies enable the Whistle to achieve more than 99 percent efficiency in a miniature package. Elmo's SimplIQ digital core embedded into the small servo drive offers motion control capabilities, programming, communication protocol support and versatile power capabilities. Additionally, the Whistle supports a wide range of position and velocity feedback options including: digital halls, incremental, encoder, incremental encoder and halls, resolver, interpolated analog encoder, analog halls, tachometer, position potentiometer, and absolute coarse/fine analog encoder.
Elmo Motion Control