Luminus Devices, Inc. announced its PhlatLight PT54 chipset engineered for small microdisplays including high brightness pocket projectors and heads-up projection displays and a variety of general illumination applications. The chipset includes separately packaged red, green and blue LEDs that are each 5.4 mm2. When combined, the chipset produces up to 1,400 peak white lumens in pulsed mode operation. The unit has been optimized for maximum efficiency for microdisplays that are between 0.4¨ to 0.6¨. Its three-color system includes a red, green and blue LED, each capable of sustaining high power under fast pulsing or continuous mode operation. It is suitable for DLP (0.55¨ SVGA), LCoS and HTPS LCD microdisplays with a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Luminus Devices, Inc.