Cavium Networks introduced its OCTEON MIPS64 Multicore Storage Services Processor (SSP) family of products. The OCTEON SSP single chips combine storage processing with Cavium's networking, security and application acceleration processors to provide two to four times more compute cycles versus many alternatives, according to the company, and to integrate advanced hardware acceleration for RAID, compression, de-duplication, security and iSCSI. The family scales from low-end solutions to very high performance SAN/NAS systems, providing a flexible, software compatible platform across a broad range of price and performance points. Features include integration of two to 12 cnMIPS Plus 64-bit cores, storage application acceleration, an array of high-speed input/output interfaces including 10-Gigabit XAUI, PCI-Express, Gigabit Ethernet ports, dual DDR2 memory controllers, and innovative data protection mechanisms. The OCTEON SSP CN57XX and CN55XX are targeted for applications such as Fiber Channel and Ethernet Disk Arrays, RAID controllers, multi-protocol switches, single-chip iSCSI adaptors, virtualization equipment, Protection and NAS/SAN equipment.

Cavium Networks