QP Semiconductor has completed a redesign of the Atmel’s discontinued ATV2500B family of high-speed CPLDs. The first offering is the BQ or quarter power version. The company also plans to introduce the remainder of the CPLD family (B, BL, and BQL) later this year. All devices will be QML certified on 5962-91545XX. Packaging is consistent with the original UV erasable devices: ceramic packages in 44-pin LLCC or JLCC and in a 40-pin DIP. The QPV2500BQs are fabricated on a 0.45-µ CMOS process offering high speed, low power consumption, and high-noise immunity. The PLD array uses EPROM technology that allows reprogramability of the array and is more reliable than bipolar fusible link technology. The parts are available in either full military or industrial grade versions. Features include a fully connected logic array where each array input is available to every product term; selectable registers where each flip-flop can be configured as either a T- type or D- type; buried combinatorial feedback where the Q2 register in any macrocell may be bypassed to feed the input back to the logic array; selectable synchronous/asynchronous clock of any of the flip-flops which allows the registers to use any clock; 48 registers created from two flip-flops per macrocell, each with its own clock and reset and sum terms; and macrocell combinable sum terms where each macrocell's three sum terms may be combined into a single term. The QPV2500B family is supported by several programmers.

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