Aries_7309_WEB.jpgAries Electronics introduced its line of RoHS-compliant flat pin staked flex jumpers, which are suitable for any application where a signal is jumped from one board location to another. The jumper series 171, 172 and 173 combine thin, flexible, solid copper conductors embedded between layers of tough, flexible, flame retardant insulation. With a polyimide covering and acrylic adhesive, the RoHS-compliant jumper series, equipped with flame retardant cable, can withstand extreme temperatures. The flat pin staked flex jumpers feature standard cable insulation with white UL VW-1, Style 2643 flame retardant polyester adhesive.  In addition, the cable has an insulation resistance equaling 1,000 M? minimum at standard temperature and a resistance of 100,000 M? minimum at high temperature. The series 171-173 features solid copper cable conductors with a cross-sectional area equivalent to that of 26 gauge AWG, and an operating temperature of -67°F to 257°F (-55°C to 105°C).  The jumper cables offer a minimum dielectric strength of 2,500 volts/mil at standard temperatures and 4,000 volts/mil minimum at high temperatures. The RoHS-compliant Series also offers a cable voltage rating of 300 volts and a 3 amp current rating. Pricing for a 10 conductor 6-inch long flat pin staked flex jumper starts at $2.50.  Delivery is two weeks ARO.
Aries Electronics

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