BI488_HRW_WEB.jpge_arrows.jpgTT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division developed a steering sensor based on its proven Magnetorque technology. The non-contacting steering sensor features dual phased outputs for reliable diagnostic characteristics. Magnetorque sensors are programmable for gain and offset. At the time of assembly, customers can program the gain and offset values, allowing for adjustments to the mechanical tolerances in their system.  This allows customers to use looser system mechanical tolerance resulting in cost savings and a more accurate system. The sensor has an accuracy of ±3 percent (±1.5 percent available) and hysteresis of 1 percent, with a rotational life of 25 million revolutions. Operating voltage is 5.0V (±10 percent), with a maximum current consumption of 10mA per output. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +125°C. Pricing for the torque sensor is approximately $16 each in quantities of 100K depending on features and packaging options.
TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division

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